Elk Lodge Historic Members

Joining the Elks Lodge you will be in good company


John F. Kennedy

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Gerald R. Ford

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Warren G. Harding

Harry S. Truman


Leonard Bernstein

Walter Leland Cronkite

Bruce Lorne Campbell

Buster Keaton

Harry Houdini

Rudy Vallee

William F. Cody

Donald O. Conner

Andy Devine

Gene Autry

Irving Berlin

Paul William Petersen

Clint Eastwood

Lawrence Welk

Will Rogers

Al Jolson

Military & Political Leaders

George S. Patton

Tip O’Neill

Frederick Funston

John Pershing

Louis Lincoln Emmerson

Warren G. Magnuson

James M. Gavin

Rose Mofford

Robert F. Wagner Jr.

Douglas MacArthur

William Knowland

William M. Tuck


Babe Ruth

Frank “Spec” Shea

Eli Manning

Knute Rockne

Tim Cahill

William Southworth

Petros Papadakis

John Condo

Mickey Mantle

Ace Parker